Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Saturday, 27 December 2008

awful news

this is gumpys mummy here. i am writing this with regret and sorrow that our lil gumpster has gone to rainbow bridge. i know he hasnt written for a long tim e thats cos he has been too busy being norty!

he passed away peacefully and quietly in the early hours of the 23/12/08

we think it was his gut stasis. it was such a shock to find him but he looked peaceful. we worked out it could have happened between 6 hours so it cant have been a slow and painful death by any means.

when we found him myxi was cuddled next to him and didnt want to leave his side, we have since bonded him with smudgie although gumps didnt like smudgie i am sure he would not want his partner in crime to be on his own

he is being buried in his granny's garden where he teased his grandad with a stick and kept binkying.

so, i would be honoured if you could all hold him in your thoughts and wish for us to be reunited when the time comes.

to gumpy, my best friend, my shining star and a huge part of my soul xXx you will never be forgotten x

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

hello peeps mummy and me are back!!! that nasty dog bitted on mummys lappytop and broke it so the in-shoe-rance people bought mummy a new one! how generous. that means that mummy can finally get back to doing my lurvely bloggy posts yay i wonder if anyone has missed me x

Monday, 27 October 2008

catch up

we have a new arrival staying with us for a week. i dont like him. he gets on with smudgey though *THUMP* his name is tom and hes ugly and stoopid hes grannys dog but granny and grandpa are away on their holly-days.

ok so mummy had some technical faults with piccytures but dont fear i fed her some hoomin choccie drops and she is doing all tricks for me. so here are the piccytures of the run built by grandpa and daddy

Sunday, 19 October 2008

loyal fans

soww i loyal fans nothing much has been happening here apart from we now have a lovely new run to play in as mummy said its very hard trying to keep an eye on us in the garden and make sure no nasty animals get in. here are some piccytures for you all to see

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

mummy has a new job

sowwy i havent posted for a long time me and mummy has been very busy. she had a job interview and she now has a new job as well as her cleaning. which means less time for me and mummy *thump* but it also means she can buy me some new toys yey x

this is mummys new top that she loves

and myxi is so funny when he climbs into the hayrack! he fell out of it the other day, i didnt push him, honest ;)

we went to grannys the other day, it was super fun. we played on grannys exercise bike and step up machine heehee

we also played with tom, grannys muppet of a dog he is a bit too big and boisterous though so we went to mummys old bedroom to play in and did loads of tricks for granny

Thursday, 11 September 2008

i bit my mummy

this was mummys arm after i bit her.
she screamed i think i really hurt her.
oh well we made up and mummy said she loves me loads and that im the handsomest bun.
me and myxi have been getting on brilliantly! we snuggle so much and mummy says we're both a couple of comedians or whatever. i like it when mummy smiles. daddys mum is coming to visit so ive been grooming to make me look all special but daddy hasnt let us come out for our usual run around heehee i thumped at him yesterday to show my disaproval!